E-commerce website for SK-II's Pitera

Art Direction ยท Motion Design

The Pitch

Design a mobile first e-commerce website for Pitera, SK-II's lead product.

The Page had to be enticing to a younger audience, and transform views into sales of the main product shown on the page : Pitera.

Sr. Art Director

 Made at

Huge Brooklyn





The initial Art Direction

Setting the main components like imagery, color tone, fonts with the goal of making Pitera a natural product in your skincare routine.


Refining the scrolling experience to match the audience.

Instead of having a one pager scroll type of a website, we got inspired by the Stories system from scoial media apps to bring in a more immersive way of discovering the porduct's benefits.

An easy buying experience

The main product is always accessible from the bottom of the screen. All the products associated with Pitera could be bough on one tap.

Adding tutorials as immersive modules

Learning how to apply Pitera, or eager to learn more about the effects it has on your skin ? Well we made those special modules immersive so the users get a feeling of what it's like to use the product.

The Team


Emile Lanne

Sr. AD

Alexis Demachy


Jae Who


Meg Smart