Interactive retail experience in Tokyo for the special edition of SK-II's Pitera

Art Direction · Interactive Concept · Motion Design Lead

The Pitch

Design an original interactive experience for the special edition of Pitera

From the new bottles design, extend to an overall identity and create a store that will integrate this look and convey a playful feeling.

The Store would feature state of the art technology (like AR, face recognition and giant touch screens) & be up an running in a 3 months time frame.

Sr. Art Director


Huge Brooklyn






The Bottle.

The only element we had in our posession was this bottle, made by Artist Karan, on the right.

The Extended Branding

Based on the Special Edition bottle's Artwork, I set out to extend the colorful and playful palette to an extended identity, ranging from posters to animated elements for the in store displays.


The Interactive Table

3 different bottles were designed : one blue, one red, and a pink one.

The store was required to be a fun place, and we set out to designed a table that would use those 3 different bottles to give the clients more informations about the benefits of Pitera, the active ingredient inside the bottles.

We designed the interactive table to be sensitive to touch and movement over it. So the clients could grab a bottle, put it down on a designated spot, and depending on the bottle's color a different interactive experience would play out. Those 3 particle based interactive pieces would produce sound and motion based on the users interactions, and after a few seconds, they would release a "bubble" (a bigger particle), that couls be tapped to discover information about the product.

Put on your best headphones ;)


The Skin Scan

In order to give the client custom products recommandations, we built skin scan booths and a results stand nearby.

From the first stage of the experience designed by another agency), the clients got an AR enabled phone when they came in. We decided to use it to display their skin results in a more spectacular way.

The Scanning Walkthrough

When the customer sits in the booth, a screen wakes up and starts the scaning process.

Motion tests

In order to get the feeling of it beforehand, we made a motion mockup of the Skin Score reveal.

Augmented Reality

Some early testing of the Skin Score results displayed on a real life stand.


The Team


Emile Lanne

Sr. AD

Alexis Demachy

Creative Developper

Julien Renau


Sevan Darakjian

Motion Designer

Sid Muralidhar

Motion Designer

Jorge Alvarez

Motion Designer

Mike Martin